Value Added Service - The Readymade Money Savers

Our 'cut & bend services' eliminate wastage in on-site cutting. We have installed an ultra-modern cutting & stirrup line of KRB machines, automatic bending machines and automatic stirrup benders.

4"x10" 4"x13" 4"x14" 7"x3" 7"x4" 7"x7" 7"x9" 7"x10"
7"x12" 7"x16" 7"x19" 7"x21" 9"x12" 9"x15" 9"x18" 9"x21"

Advantages of Readymade Stirrups

Time Saving

Elimination of on-site labour with delivery of customized readymade steel coordinated to construction requirements saves processing time.

Zero Wastage

There is no wastage of steel as there is no on-site process involved.

Avoids theft

Material is ordered and delivered as per exact requirements thereby eliminating the need for storage. This avoids possibility of pilferage too.

Precise bending

The steel bars are bent using the latest technology in controlled factory environment. This guarantees absolute accuracy.

Any shape & size

Mechanized processing enables us to customize shapes & designs as per specific requirements.