Advance Technology – Ladle Refining Furnace

Maharashtra’s First & Only Company to adopt LRF – Providing the Pure Quality of steel”

Why LRF?

  • High quality of raw material is melted in induction furnace which also has a few gases. In order that all these gases completely escape and impurities are totally removed, molten liquid is transferred into Ladle Refining furnace where additional heat is provided.
  • A Ladle Refining Furnace is used to raise the temperature and adjust the chemical composition of molten metal.
  • With the help of LRF, two crucial elements like Sulphur & Phosphorus can be controlled in exact proportions to produce a better quality of steel.
  • Additionally, LRF treatment helps float inclusions in steel and removes dissolved gases.
  • Induction furnace + LRF lend high quality TMT bars, specially of 500D grade needed for large scale infrastructure projects.

Benefits of In- House Billet

  • Hot Billets immediately after casting are easy to roll and rough. This enhances ductility, malleability of steel to a great extent.
  • TMT bars manufactured using Billets have properly balanced chemical composition.
  • Roughing & rolling can be done in hot condition which results in retaining mechanical properties of steel.

Thermex Technology


  • The process ensures that water passes over the entire surface of TMT bars, and to cause martensite (outer surface) to be hard for strength & Pearlite (inner surface) to be soft due to inner heat.
  • After quenching, the bars are placed on the cooling bed so as to reach room temperature where its inner heat escapes and stress releases. This enhances ductility of steel to a great extent.
  • Self-tempering of bar is done on automatic rack type cooling bed to achieve high ductility & stress ratio.

Manufacturing Process Chart