We manufacture our Billets as per IS standards (2831-2012) which are globally accepted for manufacturing of TMT Rebars.

We have state of the art Induction Furnace which converts mixture of high quality Sponge Iron and DRI in steel melting shop to produce superior quality of liquid Metal.
We are first to Introduce Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) in Maharashtra, from furnace liquid metal is transferred into the ladle for further refining, chemistry adjustment, inclusion modification etc. Ladle refining of liquid metal is a proven technology to produce high quality steel. A Ladle Refining Furnace is used to raise the temperature and adjust the chemical composition of molten metal.

This Purity of liquid metal get converted into high quality Billets with the help of Continuous Casting Machine.

High accuracy automatic shearing machines ensures the exact cutting of billets in desired length. Finally, this red hot billets are directly transported to rolling mill for further process.

  • Modern chemical analysis equipment
  • German made Spectrometer for quick and accurate analysis
  • Automatic mould level control in caster
  • Billet macro analysis for internal structure control

TMT Bars

We offer TMT Bars of the Following Cross Sections.

Multiple stage hot rolling of billets at our rolling mill ensures the tension free rolling of billets which results in uniform weight, uniform ribs, and uniform tensile strength throughout the bar.

World class Thermex HSE Germen Quenching and self-tempering technology to ensure the required grades of Metaroll Fe 500, Metaroll Fe 550 and Metaroll Fe 550 D.

Thermex HSE Germen Quenching and self-tempering technology strengthens the core surface of the bar and retains the high mechanical properties for superior strength, ductility, easy weld-ability and corrosion resistance.

Strength of the Metaroll TMT bars are carefully controlled by optimizing the water pressure for their pearlitic cores and tough surface of tempered marten site, thereby providing an optimum strength, ductility and toughness to the TMT Bar.

We keep performing stringent Quality control tests of every batch of finished product at regular interval, we follow following stringent tests to maintain our quality.

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
  • Chemical Etching Test
  • Bar profile measurement system

Our facility is fully equipped with quality control lab that consist spectrometer computerized tensile testing machine, bending machine etc.

Metaroll Fe 500

In every rebar supplied by Metarolls Ispat, it is our endeavour to deliver execellent bond strength to your civil construction. By bond strength, we refer to the need for a great grip between the steel and the concrete such that they possess a combined strength which will enable them to withstand a higher tensile load. To achieve a superior grip, the broader rib area of the Metaroll Fe 500 rebar provides a bigger contact area between the two.

Metaroll Fe 500 D

This is a product of higher ductility (hence the suffix 'D') that is especially suited to handling seismic shocks - it is that much safer due to its chemical composition that gives it a higher elongation of even 18 to 25%. This specially developed product Metaroll Fe 500 D, with its higher ductility, has found much favour within the community of of technical experts including structural engineers, who else appreciate the fact that they can utilize 20% less Steel in the project and the achieve savings.

Metaroll Fe 550

Metaroll Fe 550 is the widely accepted grade from metaroll being manufactured with higher strength than BIS Standard and can save maximum of your savings when compared to ordinary TMT Bar. Excellent elongation, uniform rib pattern, Superior Ductility and uniform weight through out the bar makes this bar the ultimate choice of every civil engineer.

Metaroll CRS

Metaroll CRS Bars, Concast (from Continuous casting process) Billets are used the raw material, whose composition includes copper, phosphorus and chromium in a specific proportion. What these constituents of the the Billets do is that copper and phosphorus ward off rust while the lower chromium avoids pitting in the structure of the bar.

Corrosion resistant steel is specified particularly along India's vast coastline where concrete structures are exposed to severe weathering owing to higher salinity of the air. In wet locations, high rainfall regions and by the seaside such CRS Rebars are deployed for fighting against the challenge from the natural elements - air and water.

Metaroll Threaded Rebars

Metaroll Ispat Pvt Ltd also specializes in manufacturing high quality Steel threaded re-bars that are widely used in soil fixing, rock bolt, anchoring & construction industries. We manufacture these Threaded re-bars by making use of best quality raw material, which is produced in our In-house steel melt shop. Threaded bars offered by us are appreciated for their corrosion resistance, high strength, quality and durability. Our facility is fully equipped with quality control lab that consist spectrometer computerized tensile testing machine, bending machine etc. these ensure quality of bars we produced. Experienced professionals from In-house quality assurance and control department conduct testing for each product on different parameters. We also perform testing under third party inspection agencies of high reputation like SGS.

Binding Wire

Mild Steel Binding Wire is used for the purpose of tying applications in the field of construction. It is used extensively in the construction sector for tying the rebars at the joints so as to keep the structure intact. Binding wire is also called annealed wire and is made of mild steel.

Binding Wire Of 18 & 20 Guages Are Available In 10 Kg Packing.

Metaroll Stirrups & Ringer

Key Functions

  • Holds together reinforcement rebars in a solid grip.
  • Withstands earthquake- like forces.
  • Reduces cutting wastage up to 10%.
  • Saves up to 20% * Steel leading to low inventory costs.
  • Reduces additional labor.
  • Ensures faster completion of construction.

Latest technology and best quality keeps customer happy.

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Advantages of “Metaroll TMT”

  • Metarolls Thermex TMT500 having Brand Name Metaroll Fe 500, Metaroll Fe 500 D ensures greater safety due to very high elongation values of 16-25%.
  • The use of high strength Thermex TMT bars results in saveing of15-20% in steel consumption and overall cost saving upto 10-15%.
  • CTD rebars are not used in construction in advanced countries but are used extensively in India.
  • Globalization has brought awareness about the deficiencies of CTD bars as the demand for TMT rebars is increasing globally.
  • In most developed countries, rebars with Yield Strength of minimum500N/mm2 (as against 415 N/mm2 in CTD bars) are specified for RCC work.
  • Metaroll Fe 500 is uniquely made to be stronger, more bendable, and has a higher thermal stability.
  • More efficient for Seismic and/or Fatigue Loads.
  • Overall cost effective.

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