About Us

About Us

We Build For Everything

We, Metaroll Ispat Pvt Ltd we strongly desire to see every citizen of our country enjoys the same benefits that are available for the citizens of the developed countries, A Reason why we have developed a highly advanced and globally trusted grade of steel to secure your most precious and valuable asset...Your Home.

Metaroll TMT Bars are backed by years of research and development. Quenching and self-tempering Thermex Technology by HSE GERMANY which is highly preferred and accepted worldwide, has been upgraded by many levels at our research lab to produce steel bars that ensures superior strength and flexibility without any increase in the cost.







Our Management

The Company is propelled by vision and drive of its Managing Director Mr. Dwarkaprasad B. Soni who comes with almost 30 years of experience in Steel Industry. Mr. Ashish J. Bhala, Director of the Company and in-charge of the overall management of the Company.

Management of the Company is ably supported by professionally and technically qualified team of executives specified in operations, finance, marketing, Legal and Personnel, managing day-to-day affairs of the Company. 

Mr. Dwarkaprasad B. Soni

Managing Director

Mr. Ashish J. Bhala


Our Team

Customer Support on Wheels

Site Visit Vans

Metaroll will dispath a Site Van to visityou and to be of technical assistance as may be required at times. The Van is managed by technicians who can render on-the-spot service during their visit. This is an initiative commenced as part of our brans's commitment to its customers.
Where the customer may want to consult an expert technician or obtain a second opinion, the Site Van will arrive and attend to their need. This can ensure the best practices are followed on site.

We have covered Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka.

Our Customers

Contact Us

For any kind of query, contact us with the details below.

  • +91 (02482) 220 112
  • info@metarolls.com
  • Gut No. 48, Adjacent to MIDC, Phase II, Daregaon, Jalna(Maharshtra) Pincode - 431 213